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Here you'll find the most common forum rules. It will be updated in time and you'll be notified when it happens.

Basic Rules

Postby admin » Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:25 am

1. To be respectful to other forum users and treat everyone as you would wish to be treated yourself in a face to face conversation.

2. No written swear words, abusive words or other obscenities, even if disguised by asterisks or similar symbols. Racist, homophobic or other derogatory terms are not allowed.

a. For any post as described above placed on the forum, the author will receive a warning and that post will be moved into the Moderators Area.
b. The author of any post will remain responsible for the content whilst it is on the forum, either in public view or elsewhere.
c. The Moderators will not be held responsible for any offensive post that is inadvertently missed.

3. Any disagreement between members must not be aired in any of the forums. The respective parties should either leave the matter unsettled and 'walk away', or continue the discussion via the PM System or E Mail.

4. Any threats or insults made anywhere on the forum (Including via Private Messages) will not be tolerated. That person making the threat will be permanently banned. No Warning will be given. These posts will be moved into the Moderators area away from public view, even if no complaint is made.

5. Absolutely no 'Flaming', 'Trolling' or 'Spamming' is allowed. Any posts that display any of these traits will be removed to the Moderators Area. No Private message will be sent, and the account may be deleted.

6. Duplicate forum accounts are not normally allowed. However this may be waived by the Administrator if the original account cannot be accessed for whatever reason. The Administrator must be advised before a new account is created.

a. New accounts registered by a person who is ether suspended or banned, if found will be deleted without warning. An E Mail will be sent and the suspension/ban will be automatically extended.
b. An affiliated member who is banned will not be allowed to circumnavigate the ban by rejoining the club as a paid up member.

7. We are not responsible for any harmful links that members may post.

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